Trading with Schools has gone live

On the 2nd of April 2013 the Bristol City Council traded service, Trading with Schools went live. Our Director Andrew Rogers has taken a lead role in the design of the new trading entity which for the first time brings together all services that Bristol offers to a range of educational settings. 

Andrew has defined the Enterprise Architecture Model for all the existing in-scope business processes. Andrew has then through a facilitated re-modelling programme produced the Target Operating Model for the new entity. The design work Andrew completed look at  business processes, organisational structure, the Enterprise Systems Architecture and the Information and data flows for the new business processes. Andrew is currently defining the interfaces between the Trading with Schools new order management and CRM systems and the BCC Agresso Finance System (which is itself a new implementation). As the senior business Architect Andrew is working alongside the Trading with Schools Programme Team, the Agresso Implementation Team and the BCC CYPS Children First Programme Team.

Now that Trading with Schools has gone live Andrew is acting as a coach to the senior management team, monitoring the performance of all customer-facing service areas and implementing changes to operations as required. The programme will now move into a second phase as the Council considers how to completely externalise this entity. It is likely that partnership models will be considered as well as bringing more services on line.