Turks and Caicos government elected

During the Interim Administration’s period in office between 2009 and 2012, it was recognised that the TCI civil service had grown too big for the territory’s population and had become less effective. The workforce was reduced by 400 to 1,700 through a voluntary severance scheme in March 2012. The deputy governor is implementing further reforms.

Our Director Andrew Rogers led the Public Sector Reform Programme from March 2012 until the elections in November 2012 supporting the Interim administration. We helped TCI civil service build its own skills  alongside colleagues from the UK Border Agency, TCIMinistry of Border Control and Labour. 

We are helping the TCI move forward a number of infrastructure projects, including the building of a causeway, replacement of the water plan and the re-surfacing of the main highway.

On 12 June 2012 British Foreign Secretary William Hague announced that fresh elections would be held in November 2012, stating that there had been "significant progress with an ambitious reform programme" and that there had been "sufficient progress, on the milestones and on putting in place robust financial controls"[1]

A new constitution came into force on 15 October 2012. The terms of the election are specified in the constitution.[4