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Bristol City Council – Trading with Schools

Bristol City Council has created the Trading with Schools unit, which brings services across the council into one trading unit, to better support the changing needs and requirements of schools and educational settings.

Trading with Schools provides a vast knowledge base and a wealth of experience in meeting the complex business and training needs required to help schools and educational settings perform well.

Trading with Schools can offer set packages as well as bespoke services to meet your individual requirements.

DFID Overseas Support to Turks and Caicos

The British Government has a responsibility for the overall good government of the Territories (and specific responsibilities which include Defence and international relations), but it is the elected Government of each territory which sets the vision and strategic objectives for its development. In order to ensure that the Territory Governments remain accountable and responsive to their citizens, it is important that they have in place systems for setting and monitoring policy objectives as well as ensuring that these are transparently resourced in the context of a sustainable macroeconomic framework.

The Public Sector reform programme in Turks and Caicos was a DFID funded good Governance Programme led by our Director.

LGSS Shared Service Transformation

LGSS is one of the largest public sector shared services ventures of its kind in the UK, wholly owned by Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire county councils.  Our team led the restructure of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire ICT, HR and Finance services, as they become a joint operation for the LGSS Shared Service.

Cardiff Council Our Space Project

Our Team was employed by the Council’s Corporate Chief Officer (Christine Salter). Chris Ilett and Andrew Rogers worked together as Project manager and Design advisor respectively. Andrew Rogers was employed at Cardiff Council as an adviser to the Our Space Smarter Working Project within the Land and Buildings Programme. Andrew defined the Project Brief, defined the products to be delivered and researched the options available to the Council in rationalising their Office Accommodation (Our Space).

Andrew presented a detailed Target Operating Model/ Blueprint to the Executive (including financials). The Blueprint included full business costs and set out anticipated benefits for each option. The Executive signed off the Blueprint at which point the project moved into implementation. Chris managed the project and also advised the wider portfolio management board.